[Mirror] Jao, Harris

Summer 2011

Body Scanners at International Airports… A Social Democrat Story…

In the modernization of man and its laws, terrorism still lingers from beneath, urging to come out. As man starts to develop, Technologies that might be used to destroy the very core of its foundation, The Government, also develops. And in the process, what methods of prevention are undertaken by our government to ensure the safety of both the Institutions and the people? One of its remedy is the installation of body scanners in International Airports.

In the 1987 Philippine Constitution Article 2 Section 2, a clause stating that “adheres to the policy of peace, equality, justice, freedom, cooperation, and amity with all nations”, already gives us the idea that in order to secure peace an installation of Body Scanners in Airports is one of the many ways how to prevent terrorism spread worldwide, not only here in the Philippines. Also in the same article of the constitution, Section 4, states that “The Prime duty of the Government is to serve and protect the people”, again here is another clause which gives the Government the power to do so, the installation of such scanners.

Is there a possible advantage and disadvantage to the said system of Government if these scanners were to be installed? Yes, probably, there is both the advantage and disadvantage on the said system we are in. The possible advantage is that terrorism itself may be lessen and / or prevented in that sense, since this precautionary resolution is most likely to be effective, as those who have tested it would say. A Social Democrat, such as myself, would look at this as one of the preservation of the Government of its power and dominance, but in a manner where they adhere to the morals of the people such as the right to expression, in an orderly manner, and also the freedom to life. With the said morals, the Government then tries to be more of a help to its people rather than the one starting all their sufferings. If all are to express themselves without due respect to their limits and to others, what will be then the outcome of the society, the institution we are in? Chaos is the more probable effect.

The disadvantage is, most likely, that the right to privacy of a person is being bypassed. Even with just this right being bypassed, the people will definitely will not cooperate with the flow of the system of the Government. Since this is one of those rights that the people won’t allow to be violated by the authority, Security then within the nation or the country is bound to be in chaos. They might have dominated the prevention of terrorism from outside of the country but coming from within the State is another question. There now shows the disadvantage on the part of the system when Body Scanners are to be installed within Airport facilities to ensure the wall in order to protect the people within its jurisdiction.

There lies the question to be answered, should we or should we not favor the installation of the said Body Scanners within International Airport? My point of view is, in order for us to really dominate our own country and serve its purpose to protect the very foundation and all its members, we should let the Government do their part and let us do ours. Neither job is easy but if its for the protection of the people and the Government, why not? Since this is only a precautionary measure to help ensure our safety, why not adhere to it, make it one of our defense mechanisms, and prevent the further promotion and growth of Terrorism worldwide. Why not?

Your work, your copyright,not mine?

The latest trend of every season is? Get with the season. Get with what? Get to it. Every once in a while we go out with family, friends, especially if its within the season. The normal seasons would be, Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall, but as tropical as our country is we only have the Summer and the Rainy Season. Rainy seasons are of no concern to us, except when it floods, human nature right? Of course during the Summer season, now it all begins.

What do we usually do when summer comes? We go out and enjoy the heat of the sun having an opportunity of having a natural tan. What else do we do? We go to different places right? So when we reach other places what else do we do to keep that memory intact with us? To remind us of what happened during those days? We take pictures. Admit it, you do it too. So most people take pictures when? The answer is even before we reach that destination we plan to go to, and of these places we speak off, because of the works of modern man, have different landmarks that sometimes, can only be found in that specific place. For example, the San Juanico bridge that can only be found in Samar crossing Leyte.

So for this particular example what other works can be found almost anywhere in the Philippines? Posters, Billboards, Bingo! that’s what I am talking about.

So the question lies here, are these works copyrighted? Yes, actually they are indeed copyrighted. So with these regards, is there a copyright violation as well if you take pictures of these works as your background in one of your pictures?

Some of my colleagues would say there is BUT, as pertaining to the Intellectual Property Code under section 185.1[c] The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and section 185.1 [d] The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work, it may be classified under fair use of copyright, especially when the doer is a natural person.

The thing about it is that when in terms of copyright, its protection still remains while when we talk about the individual himself/herself the purpose of the constitution for protection is denied. How is this so? For professional models, Model Release forms are necessary to be given by anyone in use of their talent before broadcast or for it to be shown in public, either by pictures, dance, song, act.

The thing is, on individuals, their protection for such is deemed waived for the reason that they themselves voluntarily did the act of taking the pictures of such billboards and/or posters, pictures. Just by doing so the said act they are accidentally promoting some works on billboards and/or posters, pictures, of any person or companies just waiting to monopolize the whole industry.

Where now is their supposed protection for their rights? Gone! Right out the window. Do you think its fair for you to be used by others like that? Well you can’t sue them, you brought this all to yourself, by yourself. Now do you understand what I am trying to say? I hope its clear enough. Then now what should you do? Do you still favor taking those pictures? Think twice my friend, for this is a world where the greatest in the field succeeds.

For now be aware of what you do and when you do it, think of it as an act on your part with full understanding of what you just did. Close enough? I hope so. Till next time, when we get the chance to take that picture of yours and show it to the world and say, “THIS IS MY WORK AND IT HAS MY COPYRIGHT” but remember, most of this is applicable, ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES.

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