[Mirror] Chua, Kenwy Jupiter

Summer 2012

Local PH Websites hacked? Do we have any say?

Simply put, if as in the news…. the UP Website was hacked by suspected hackers from China. The “defacing” is considered an insult to the Philippines in the light of the opposing Scarbarough Shoal claims of the Chinese and Filipinos.

Can we make them liable? or are we sitting ducks if the hacker is from abroad

to answer the question, can we consider a website a property?

if yes,considered property damage hence the accused may be held liable, venue would be where they committed the crime. remember in venue is jurisdictional.

Should You Give your boss the access codes to your twitter or facebook accounts?

The short answer….. no

The long answer….. is still no.

Again what is the requirement for employment? is merely the minimum college degree? or proper training besides common sense or competency to the job?

What is a social networking site? – of course, it should be considered harmless, petty and juvenile even. Each person having an account should have a right to do as he wish… what should it contain, what it looks like.

Again the freedom of speech should be respected. Again, people should be cautious of what they share in the web because these would form part of general information. The internet should not even be subject to regulation because the net belongs to no one.

If the companies are going to use this (access to social networking sites) as one of their requirements, then they have to justify that the job would necessarily include sensitive information. Maybe if they are part of security? maybe, self censorship and propriety.

Maybe these human resource personnel should improve their hiring procedures and not infringe on the rights on an individual.

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