[Mirror] Masilang, Ronildo Roman

Summer 2012

Can employers and institutions access to your social network accounts and can it be used for applicant evaluation


An employer hires an applicant based on his skill or knowledge on the job he/she was applying for. It is not within the context of an employer-employee relationship that a would-be-employee must first comply with the demand that he/she must first waived her privacy with regard to his Social Network Account as a pre-condition for the employment to the company.

In the U.S, where majority of our laws are patterned, a bill, House Bill 308, was recently [May 16, 2012, to be exact] passed by Rep. Darryl Scott of Dover prevents employers in requiring employees or job applicants to surrender their login and password to social media websites and also, it prevents employers from accessing an employee’s or applicant’s site indirectly through another person connected to the person.

As MSNBC quotes Facebook spokesperson Frederic Wolens saying that these type of requirements are a clear violation of the site’s terms of service: “Under our terms, only the holder of the email address and password is considered the Facebook account owner. We also prohibit anyone from soliciting the login information or accessing an account belonging to someone else,” says Wolens

Lastly, if we all live in a totalitarian regime, maybe there would be no issue when employers require employees to submit their login and password to social media websites to them, but as it is, we still have the Constitution to protect us.


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