[Mirror] Sibolboro, Raissa

Summer 2012

coming up with my first username RICEACIDBURN

It was during grade school when I created my first ever Username, for email address, network gamings such as counterstrike, StarCraft and for chatting. I was known as RICEACIDBURN :). I attached the character name of Angelina Jolie (ACID BURN) from the movie HACKERS which was famous in the 90’s. She was partnered with another hacker named ZERO COOL.

Though the scenes in that movie do not depict the real capacity of the modern hackers, it showed how hackers can control machines which do not require their physical presence. How cool can that be, you get to choose the movie that should be played in a channel. But this is just the icing on the cake skill of hackers.

Recent news exposed the aggressiveness of this gift, conflict between China and the Philippines regarding the Spratly’s Island. Hackers alleged to be located in China have made themselves known to different websites owned, created in the Philippines airing their anger toward Philippines claim over said piece of land. To answer this blow, Filipino hackers united, and together avenged their country. Report had not made mention of compromised security or network virus outbreak, but this is very possible.

Computer hacking was considered as a crime against international law. Obviously, computer system is available and accessible anywhere and every state is a target by another state, this maybe another category for terrorism attacks. Since hacking is considered as international crime, any person convicted to be guilty of committing the act shall be punished according to the rules which hopefully be concretized by the international justice people. The case must be heard by the forum having jurisdiction of such crime.

The Philippines have not yet to strengthen their attempt to create a perfect law as to create a perfect response to this dilemma. The E-commerce act does not provide all forms of crimes committed in the cyber world. Unlike those mentioned in the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. I guess the best response to this kind of crime, first educate the people, second- provide extraordinary security, How? Use their strength against them by hiring the best hacker in the country. 🙂

Internet tools = Techy Treats

I can not imagine myself not having any internet access. I can remember the difficulty of turning every pages of huge, heavy and thick encyclopedias for research assignments, travelling more than one hour just to purchase our plane tickets, to manually cut pages of my magazines just to get the most updated images for a project and all other convenience that I get to enjoy now because of internet access.

Are internet tools essential in the acceptance of an applicant???

Knowledge on internet tools should not be considered as essential for employment, compared to those qualifications on specific degree holders. Any person who are bachelors degree holder, those who have gone through vocational courses, or those who went to college are the kind of people who will be able to learn the functions of internet tools in one day. I learned social media and use of internet tools without formal training, without a professor, and I do not need to familiarize the terms for me to be able to undetstand how the system works. The company can hire such person and train him instead. My answer ould be different if the use of the internet tools is the type of job that you will be working with.

I have worked for a call center. Most programs used in the account that you will be working with deals with internet tools so it is very important that yoou learn it. There are some hired applicants who barely understands the term computer, internet access or even the world wide web but these facts wete not used to deny them of employment. I now understand that understanding and learning internet tools is not considered as important than reading comprehension, english proficiency, analysis and etc. That is why it is not an essential factor to hire Applicants.

Can companies use social media or internet tools to determining the most suitable applicants?

Definitely. There are thousands of jobhunters all over the world who have profited from this kind of method. There are two types of jobhunters. First is a jobhunter Hired by the company to post the vacancy of the company and are tasked to look for people suited in their qualifications. The othwr type of jobhunter is the kind of person who were hired by the applicant to look for a job or company that are able to to accept the kind of salary that he demands.
If jobhunters interview each and every applicant they will end up having one client in a month or worse in a year. with the use of internet tools jobhunters will have an easy time filtering the 10 most qualified applicants and narrows it down until they find the best there is that they can introduce to the company. If these option is available for them then they are free to use it that would make their job easier for them.

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