SY 2008-2009, Second Semester

  • Agujo, Kristine Angelica: Hidden Cameras and Publicity Rights
  • Alcantara, Sandy
  • Angtuaco, Allan: Legal Ethics in relation to legal fiction depicted in Media
  • Baluyot, Elizabeth: Assistive Technology
  • Bernal, Jennifer Lyn: Google Earth
  • Bolos, Maria Gracia Patricia: A view on how Panopticon affects or infects the Philippines
  • Cabangon, Dominique Alexander: Technology issues involving the Insurance industry
  • Calimag, Erinne Ann: Electronic Documentation Retention Policies
  • Daing, Paul Patrick: A Legal Analysis on Sampling in Music and Other Forms of Literary Works
  • De los Santos, Carlo Angelo: Net Neutrality: The Solution to Threats to Open Access to the Internet
  • Delfin, Lawrence Jeffrey: Obligatory effect of Click wrap
  • Dones, Jenny Anne: Ethical Hacking
  • Flores, Lech Percival: Social Network in Relation to Data Protection
  • Garcia, Jane Hazel Marie: Cyber-activism
  • Gatdula, Isser Josef: Anti-Wiretapping Law Revisited
  • Gatioan, Edison: Mandatory Electronic Publication of Legal Notices
  • Glindo, Aggy Christine: Automated Election System: Philippine Setting
  • Lucas, Margie Joy
  • Matignas, Ramon Jr.: Application of GPS in the Settlement of Boundary Disputes
  • Miranda, Caroline Anne: Designer Babies: Technological Control of Human Evolution
  • Pagaduan, Remely: Government Transparency on the Web
  • Poblete, Irene: When the Boss Answers Every Ringing of the Phone: “A Case Study on the Rights and Issues of Employers and Employees on the Usage of Company Issued Phones”
  • Salazar, Jerome: Human Trafficking and the Internet
  • Tabligan, Honesto II
  • Agmata, Elmerande
  • Viola, Stephanie Eden

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